Teachings for Freedom

Hermitage Meditation Centre, located in Rawdon, Quebec, is home to the teaching centre of Ajahn Dhammarakkhito. The place was begun as the work of a single supporter in 1998, and since then has grown into a small group of lay students and supporters.

Ajahn accepts few students, only those who are seriously intent on practicing to make profound changes in themselves, dedicating their lives to this work for a long-term period. Essentially, to all intents and purposes, we practice as monks and nuns, although we do not wear robes and do not chant or practice any kinds of rituals or ceremonies. Since we are not a traditional monastery with support from lay people, we also work to maintain and support the meditation centre ourselves by maintaining a small organic fruit and nut tree nursery.

We are dedicated to practicing the pure teaching of the Buddha as it was given, nothing added and nothing removed. At present, we are six permanent meditation students along with Ajahn.

This website is a record of Ajahn’s teachings as well as some other material: written articles, short audio recordings of Dhamma teachings, recordings of stories of the Dhammapada, and audio recordings of selected Suttas.