Teachings for Freedom

Hermitage Meditation Centre, located in Sainte-Julienne, Quebec, is the rather grand name for a very small group of practitioners of the Buddha’s teachings, working under the guidance by Ajahn Dhammarakkhito. It began as the work of a single supporter in 1998. Since then, it has grown into a small community of lay students and supporters.

Ajahn Dhammarakkhito is dedicated to practicing and guiding others in the pure teachings of the Buddha, nothing added and nothing removed. He prefers to give guidance on an individual scale, rather than giving discourses to large groups. As such, he accepts few students, only those who are seriously intent on correcting themselves profoundly, working for the aim of the Buddha’s teachings, and who are as such prepared to renounce sensual pleasures and practice celibacy on a longterm basis.

However, since this are not a traditional monastery with support from lay people, the practitioners also work to sustain and support the place by way of a small fruit and nut tree nursery. At present, there are six permanent meditation students at the centre.

This website, which is the work of his students, serves as a record of Ajahn Dhammarakkhito’s teachings as well as some other material: written articles, short audio recordings of Dhamma teachings, recordings of stories of the Dhammapada, and audio recordings of selected Suttas.

Do note that what you find here is not meant to replace guidance from a kalyanamitta (wise and good friend) who can be present to help and correct a student at each step. The Buddha’s teaching is perfect and complete, but it is not easy to learn from books, because each person will tend to interpret (and translate) it according to his or her own idea. A guide with the right understanding is therefore essential. If it is your interest to learn and practice meditation more seriously, you are most welcome to contact us.