The Dhammapada: stories and verses in audio form

These stories should not be seen as mere folklore. One story, indeed, can be more valuable than many pages of dry teaching, if it is read and understood correctly. These stories provide us with a little window into the lives of people who lived in the time of the Buddha. Here we can find the stories of many people who renounced the world, went to become monks and quickly saw Dhamma for themselves.

When we read these stories, we should ask ourselves: What led them to do so? How did they practice? What qualities bring them quickly forward on their path, and what faults and failings are the obstacles for those in the stories that fail, or who continue in the path of suffering?

Chapter One: Yamaka Vagga (Twin Verses)

If with a corrupted mind, one should either speak or act, suffering follows caused by that, as the wheel follows the ox’s hoof
1. Suffering follows the evil-doer
2. Happiness follows the doer of good
3. Uncontrolled Hatred Leads to Harm
4. Hatred is overcome by non=hatred
5. Remembering death brings peace
6. Laziness ruins meditation
7. Those who are not fit to wear the yellow robe
8. The story of Sariputta and Moggalana
9. The story of Nanda
10. The story of Cunda the pork butcher
11. Good deeds bring happiness
12. Evil action leads to torment
13. Good actions make one rejoice
14. Practice ensures success

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