Audio Dhamma Talks

The nature of strong determination, not tolerating kilesa (with example of filing cabinets)
Seeing Dhamma is a naturally-occurring event, provided there is correct practice (and the obstacle of having desire to achieve)
Love vs Attachment vs Compassion
Luang Por Teaching | Following the breath is not mindfulness of breathing.
Do not blame your situation for one’s lack of determination in the practice of Dhamma.
What would you do if you were covered in leeches? On right understanding and right effort.
Reality has no name
Don’t be careless. Don’t later fall into regret.
Being content in one’s situation, not accepting complaining.
Based on Luang por teaching | Knowing the mind first in order to have right speech
Body and mind are like a taxi (and higher morality)
Balancing the mind
Being like a hen covering her eggs
Contact at the ear
Clarity and determination – the simile of the dog that tries to come inside.
Don’t go into the subject
Stories of eagles and the fear of death
What we practice for – we need to see that there is something wrong.
Being chained by craving is like having the life of a battery hen
The story of the woman who gave up her fishing boats
Fear of judgement
Does ”vedana” mean sensation, feeling, emotion…? How to correctly understand vedana
Why morality is not merely a system of rules
Hatred vs compassion
Is solitude necessary to practice correctly?
Luang Por Teaching | Heedfulness and Heedlessness
Maintaining a sharp mind is more important than concentration