Audio Dhamma Talks

Why morality is not merely a system of rules
Hatred vs compassion
Is solitude necessary to practice correctly?
Luang Por Teaching | Heedfulness and Heedlessness
Maintaining a sharp mind is more important than concentration
Rite and ritual and the wrong view of self
Doubt part 1 – Wrong view and doubt
Doubt part 2 – Questioning one’s practice versus the enemy of doubt
Doubt part 3 – When there is no going back
Different levels of mindfulness compared to carrying fire
Malika and the King – how we are selfish without knowing
The problem when you identify with states of mind
The wisdom to see wisdom
Three factors of progress – Faith, fed-up, and CONSTANT practice.
It should not take hours to ”cut” a kilesa
Sense desires – unquenchable thirst, bottomless bucket, unscratch-able itch
The wise man and the king in the bathroom (what keeps its value at the time of dying?)
The trained mind and untrained mind
Me-Rup, Me-Duk (my body, my suffering.)
Don’t stop thinking, learn how to think. (Analytical mind and mental effort.)
Searching for ”meaning” in the wrong place
The correct practice of the four sati-patthanas (four ways of meditation)
On Guilt, and the story of the man who loved his beard too much
Knowing the nature of hypocrisy in order to root out your own.
Having the courage to face yourself.
Why celibacy is essential.
Right speech #1 | The loose tongue cuts off its own head