Audio Dhamma Talks

Right speech #2 | Don’t underestimate the evil of lying
Right Speech #4 | No useless speech!
Right Speech #3 | No angry speech
Making meditation your ”nine-to-five” daily existence
Don’t leave your practice ”half-cooked”. There comes a time when you have no choice but to finish the job.
The true value of Dhamma is immeasurable
About Patacara, the ”miserable mother” .
Sila, Samadhi, Panña – The discipline of the wise.
A “Person of quality”
The problem with weak renunciation, like a hole in your barrel, or a broken link in your bicycle chain.
Anger and fault-finding are born from our own insanity.
The Bodhisatta goes out while the whole world tries to get in – The analogy of the Zombie-Cruise-Ship-of-Death.
The trained mind and untrained mind.
Sati is like looking into a transparent flashlight, rather than looking at what it lights.
What if you had one week left to live? (aim in the life).