The Dhammapada: stories and verses in audio form

Chapter 5: Bāla Vagga (The Chapter on Fools)

The fool creates his own suffering (thank you to Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash for the image.)
45. Samsara is long for the ignorant
46. Do not associate with fools.
47. Ignorance brings suffering
48. The one who knows he is a fool is less a fool
49. The ignorant cannot benefit from the wise
50. How to benefit from the wise
51. The one who does wrong is his own enemy
52. Do what brings real happiness
53. Happiness results from good actions
54. Evil actions yield bitter results
55. The Unconditioned is the highest
56. Wrong actions smoulder like sparks of fire in ashes
57. The knowledge of the fool splits his own head
58. The fool longs for fame and is ego-centred
59. The path to Freedom

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